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Attorney Haley Bianchi

Supervising Attorney

Attorney Bianchi specializes in family law. She was admitted into the State Bar of Wisconsin in May of 2018 and joined Civitas Law Group in June of 2018.  Attorney Bianchi is well aware of the qualities necessary to work with clients regarding personal and difficult subjects. She meets every client with compassion and respect. Attorney Bianchi strives to resolve her cases with zealous advocacy and creative problem-solving. Family issues are often stressful and may cause a significant amount of anxiety. Attorney Bianchi tries to relieve as much of this stress and anxiety as possible by taking the time to truly listen to her clients and answer every question that comes up along the way. Attorney Bianchi values continuing her education as a family law attorney. Most recently, she was awarded a scholarship to the 38th Annual Family Law Workshop where she broadened her understanding of current case law, legislation, and trauma informed care.

Attorney Bianchi is dedicated to service and the Milwaukee community. She has completed over 200 hours of service at the Milwaukee Justice Center and is now volunteering her time with Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic.

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